A Queer Telenovela Is Set to Premiere On U.S. Television


El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca premiered on Mexican television in June.

August 14 2019 9:50 AM EDT

A telenovela that made history in June premiered for U.S. audiences this week.

El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca (The Heart Is Never Wrong) began airing on Univision Tuesday at 9 p.m., reports Remezcla. The series, a spin-off of Mi Marido Tiene Familia, became the first Mexican soap opera to center around a gay couple when it aired in that country earlier this year.

The series stars Joaquín Bondoni and Emilio Osorio as Temo and Aristóteles, a couple first introduced on Mi Marido Tiene Familia. The original storyline had the two finding one another despite intolerance among family members. The new series follows the lovers to Mexico City. Both move to the nation’s largest city for school, with Temo pursuing a career in politics and Aristóteles trying to become a social media influencer.

With plenty of politics, including stories of bigotry against LGBTQ populations, the show should have plenty of appeal with U.S. audiences as well.

“We are committed to telling stories in primetime that are inclusive and diverse and that resonates and reflects our culture,” said Jessica Rodríguez, president of entertainment and chief marketing officer for Univision.

GLAAD has already celebrated the new series with an award recognition for the advance in LGBTQ representation on Spanish-language television.


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